Dafydd Gibbon

Seven Trips around the Sun

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Seven Trips around the Sun is the kindle edition of Dafydd Gibbon‘s successful epub Trip around the Sun. This special edition is enhanced by two magnificent photos and haikus. It is a longer trip around the sun.

In this edition, nature serves as the basis for a wonderful combination of poetry and visual art, too. The beauty of nature is the starting point. We are charmed by beautiful colours and misty mornings. These moments are fragile and their number is limited. This may be the reason why they serve as the beginning of a journey through different seasons and different countries. It seems as if all this grace and beauty has been caught by one special poet. Dafydd Gibbon entrusts the gift of pure beauty to all of us. This selection of haikus is beautiful in nearly every regard. It has the beauty of wonderful poetry and of gorgeous pictures. This kindle ebook is more than a remembrance of Dafydd's journeys, it captures the beauty he encountered. Maybe you want to accompany him on his enhanced trips around the sun.

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