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Jacques Trouvant - Extract

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On deck she instantly felt freer. The night was warm, the darkness had spread almost entirely over the smooth surface of the sea. Deep in the west the young woman saw a little ray of light, a small deep golden glimmer seemed to point at the place where the sun had set. The rest of the water was illuminated by a full and bright moon. The silver glittering spots had set on each centimetre of the water, the sea seemed to be covered by millions and millions of diamonds. Everywhere it glittered and shimmered. The full moon, who was responsible for this spectacle, shone in her brightest light. The silence seemed to be complete, only at some times Deborah heard the water being cut by the bow. A soft breeze played gently with her hair.

Since the day of her arrival she had not pinned her hair up. She loved the freedom this hairstyle gave her. Here, far away from cities and rules, Deborah felt a touch of freedom, for the first time in her life she did not felt confined. A delicate curl touched her face, with a smile the young woman put it back.

She looked to the side and saw Captain Trouvant standing at the other side of he rail. Deborah did not felt alarmed, the night was like velvet, it was so peaceful, so still, she felt on this ship more secure than ever before. The young woman was well aware of the contradiction. She was on a ship, she was surrounded by the infinite ocean, found herself in a position which was not in the least secure, she had never been alone in the dark

outside a house, all this was new for her. But all this frightened her as little as the presence of the unknown man. She looked at him and felt calm. The moonlight enlightened his face and gave his features even more distinctiveness. The rail in his back looked like a tiny toy. This man belonged to his ship, this she learned in this moment, he belonged to her, he was a part of this craft, she was a source of his craft. The Santa was a sailing boat, made of dark wood, with mighty masts at which at this moment the enormous sails were limply swaying. It was calm, the sails seemed to rest in the endless night, as well. Ship and Captain resembled calm companions of the night, they seemed to have melted entirely.

A soft sound of the sails brought Deborah back to reality. The wind had made up and the sails were awakening from their restful peace. This was the sign for the young woman to return to her cabin. She nodded to Captain Trouvant who returned the greeting and with a smile she left the deck.


A loud bang tore Deborah from her sleep. Without thinking about its source, she knew something terrible must have happened. She dressed in a hurry and hastened to the deck. There she was awaited by an uproar. The sailors were exited, they ran around in an agitated way. Captain Trouvant was standing at the helm


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